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Take the "LEEP" towards energy efficiency

Southern California Edison non-residential customers can become more energy efficient and improve their bottom line with the Lighting Energy Efficiency PAR 38/30 (LEEP) program for aluminum reflector compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).These CFLs can save you as much as 75% on your lighting energy costs.

The LEEP program provides eligible customers with free state-of-the-art aluminum reflector CFLs. You can choose to order, receive and install your new energy-efficient lamps free of charge, or can opt to have SCE’s contractor deliver and install the CFLs at your facility for a nominal fee of $3 per lamp.

Make the Switch! PAR 38 and 30 aluminum reflector CFLs outperform glass CFLs, incandescent, halogen and integrated metal-halide PAR lamps.Other key benefits include: 

  • Excellent color rendering and even light distribution
  • Availability in a variety of color temperatures
  • Same quality of light as halogens, but more energy efficient
  • Over 8,000 hours of working life, which helps decrease maintenance costs
  • Greater energy efficiency – reducing energy lighting costs by as much as 75%

For more information, call or email Sigrid Wright, Assistant Director for the Community Environmental Council at 805-963-0583 x109 or swright@cecmail.org.

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