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Did you know that a typical U.S. household spends more than$1,500 a year on home utility bills? Unfortunately, much of this energy is wasted. An average family could save about one-third of those costs by purchasing energy efficient appliances-and that does not include all of the other opportunities to save energy!

Beyond putting more money in your pocket, becoming energy efficient also:

. Reduces your contribution to climate change
. Protects air quality
. Improves U.S. energy security
. Stabilizes energy prices by reducing demand
. Increases U.S. economic competitiveness
. Helps prevent other environmental problems like oil spills and acid rain

Luckily, we can all do so much--so easily--to increase the energy efficiency of our homes and businesses. The tips below provide a starting place, but it is your creativity and motivation which will really make the difference! View Tips for Homes and Tips for Businesses.



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